Sign Details

Sign Features
Unlike traditional real estate signs, often made from corrugated plastic, our double sided signs (6" Tall by 24" Wide) are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which help strengthen the signs and allow them to last much longer in all kinds of weather conditions (meaning less replacement cost to you!). Because they are made of a solid material and all information is printed directly to the sign with UV ink to withstand the elements, they are much easier to see from the street without the common "bleed through effect" often noticed on bright sunny days. Your sign will arrive pre-drilled with your specific property code pre-printed, allowing you to hang your sign immediately.

If you choose not to purchase signs from us, we highly suggest trying to replicate our materials and layout for optimal results.

Sign Placement
Visibility is the most important part of sign placement. Be sure to find a spot where your signs will get noticed; high traffic, eye level and good lighting are all things to look for when searching for the best place to hang your signs. Although our signs come pre-drilled for hanging, we suggest placing them above your real estate post for maximum visibility, especially if you have multiple signs hanging already.
Sign Example